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The Bonded seal is a rectangular section metal washer with a trapezoidal ring of vulcanised rubber bonded to the inside, giving a high quality, normally high pressure seal used as a static seal, in many occasions to replace copper washers.

All parts supplied by Gapi including the original (STD) and now also the self centralising style (SC) are made from high quality specification metal and elastomers meeting strict critera standards to enable the parts to work without failures.

The metal parts can be supplied in standard Mild Steel (MS) with Zinc with trivalent (enhanced) passivate plating or are available in Stainless Steel (SS), Brass, Aluminium Bronze and Light Alloys to meet more stringent and difficult applications.

Today we have many sizes as standard, Inch, BSP, German (GM), French metric (FM), CETOP which can all be made to suit all applications.

The parts shown are what we would normally carry in stock. If there are any sizes or materials not shown please enquire as we should be in a position to supply these as well.

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Item IDDescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
14G629G7 BS M16 229 SS FPM751
14G331G7 BS 39.00x30.70x2.00 FPM75+INOX1
14G217G7 BS 16.00x10.7x1.5 FPM75+INOX1
14G212G7 BS 13.00x8.70x1.0 FPM75+INOX1
14G207G7 BS 11.00x6.70x1.0 FPM75+INOX1
14G206G7 stainless steel bonded seal 75 duro fpm1
14G025G7 BS 21.54x28.58x2.34 FPM+INOX1
14E936Y0 BS 73.03x60.58x2.50 NBR90 AUT.1
14E933Y0 BS 58.60x48.44x2.50 NBR90 AUT.1
14E932Y0 BS 52.38x42.93x3.38 NBR90 AUT.1
14E930Y0 BS 42.80x33.89x3.20 NBR90 AUT.1
14E929Y0 BS 38.10x30.81x2.49 NBR90 AUT.1
14E927Y0 BS 34.93x27.05x2.49 NBR90 AUT.1
14E927G7 FPM75 + MILD STEEL1
14E926Y0 BS 31.75x23.49x2.49 NBR90 AUT.1
14E925Y0 BS 28.58x21.54x2.49 NBR90 AUT.1
14E923Y0 BS 23.80x17.28x2.03 NBR90 AUT.1
14E921Y0 BS 20.57x13.74x2.03 NBR90 AUT.1
14E921G7 FPM75 + MILD STEEL1
14E920Y0 BS 15.88x10.37x2.03 NBR90 AUT.1
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