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Skived PTFE Tape is available mainly in 1200 and 1500mm up to 5mm thick. Lengths of billets vary dependant on customer demand.

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Item IDDescriptionUnit SizeQuantity
L2180129 QS405 1/8IN X 1/16IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180198 QS405 1/4IN X 1/8IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180216 QS405 3/8IN X 1/4IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180218 QS405 1/2IN X 3/8IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180219 QS405 5/32IN X 3/32IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180224 QS405 3/8IN X 5/16IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180226 QS405 7/16IN X 3/8IN X 100 FT COILS1
L2180227 QS405 1/2IN X 7/16IN X 100 FT COILS1
L2180228 QS405 9/16IN X 1/2IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180238 QS405 11/16IN X 5/8IN X 100 FT COILS1
L2180241 QS405 5/16IN X 3/16IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180243 QS405 3/16IN X 1/16IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180249 QS405 1/4IN X 5/32IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180252 QS405 5/8IN X 1/2IN X 50 FT COIL1
L2180263 QS405 3/16 X 1/8IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180274 QS405 5/8IN X 9/16IN X 100 FT COIL1
L2180358 6MM X 4MM X 500 FT COIL1
L2180392 QS405 1/16IN X 1/32IN X 500 FT SPOOL1
L2180393 QS405 5/32IN X 3/32IN X 500 FT COIL1
L2180394 QS405 3/16IN X 1/8IN X 500 FT COILS1
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